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Dependent Visa

Dependent visa can take the form of family visa, child visa, dependent student visa or dependent work visa. Spouses, partners, aged dependent relatives such as parents or grandparents and children (unmarried, and under the age of 18) are eligible for dependent visas.

In case of child visa, the parent sponsor is responsible to provide financial support and accommodation to the child for a time period specified by the host country.

The applicant can bring his/her parents, spouses or children along with them to the host country after submitting the following documental proofs:

  • Financial support to the dependent family members
  • marriage certificate or birth certificate
  • school enrollment for school-aged children
  • health insurance for dependents

Moreover, a dependent visa holder gets a limited permission to work (e.g., 20 hours/week) or to enroll in a short-term course in the host country.